Photoshoot Fail – Behind the Scenes

Photoshoot Fail – Behind the Scenes

When our new Punny Valentines arrived last week, we couldn’t wait to take styled photos and share them with all of you.  (This is our favorite batch yet!)

It took a few days to gather supplies and sketch out layout ideas, but then we were ready to start!

On a side note, at the shop, we get the best lighting in the morning with the back door propped open.  And the morning of our photoshoot it was 34 degrees and windy (brrrr)!  This is where a good number of our social media photos are taken.  Glamorous, right?  (Proof)

The photoshoot went smoothly at first, but one set up in particular was… problematic.  For the “pets” punny valentines, we had originally planned to use hamster bedding (wooden shavings) as the background, with a hamster’s wheel in the shot – but we couldn’t find one – so we moved on to Plan B and a fish bowl scene.  With no “pebbles” for the bowl, we tried collecting tiny rocks in the parking lot (not our best idea) before settling on a damaged bottle of Himalyan Pink Salt.  It worked surprisingly well, and the eucalyptus sprig gave us the greenery we needed.  But without a fish castle of some sort, it didn’t look right.  We thought we had found the *perfect* fix – a small plastic piece that came with a bag of toy army soldiers.  It was the right shape, it fit in the bowl, YAY!  We were so excited that we had concocted this setup out of thin air that we didn’t even notice what it *actually* looked like until it was on the computer screen afterwards.

CRAP!!!  Our awesome fish bowl looked like a dog had taken a dump in it.  We couldn’t believe it took us so long to notice, it’s SO obvious!  (You saw it right away, right!?!?)

With the help of a little glue and glitter, the problem was fixed, but that #photoshootfail was definitely one of the funniest moments we’ve had in awhile! 🙂

If you love behind-the-scenes details, keep scrolling for a few more:

Good news, we were also able to use those hamster wooden shavings on another set up…

And we had fun blowing bubbles for this one…

For the gardening set, we used an astroturf table runner and just photoshopped the white out.  (before)


And it was admittedly fun to fill a box with dirt for this vegetable set…

Want to see all of the NEW designs?  They’re available on our website now!   SHOP HERE

{Lubbock locals choose in-store pick up for the shipping method to save on shipping}

Happy Friday, friends!  We hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes!



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