5 Trends from January Market You’ll See in 2018

When we go to Markets to buy new products, Kandice loves to spot which TRENDS are going to be popular in the coming months – it’s like a game of “I Spy”…  Within the first few hours of walking a show, it’s pretty obvious what “things” (patterns, icons or colors) are going to be in every. single. showroom (and thus on store shelves and in your life soon).  This past January she took notes of the Top 5 Trends you can expect to see (at Barque AND just about everywhere else you shop) in 2018.  Here are her notes about #ATLmkt :

** Dislaimer:  Not all products featured below are on order!  If you see something you think you HAVE to have, message us and we’ll see if there is enough response to order. **

The 80’s Called… and They’re Back

From the get-go, it felt like I had stepped into an episode of Saved by the Bell.  From the signage in a few showrooms to the new Capri Blue Candles (including Volcano!), it was very 80’s-esque.

This display was in a different showroom’s window.  Same patterns (although brighter colors):

With these clocks…

Now if those don’t blow your hair back into a scrunchie, I don’t know what does!  But there was more…  Like these “retro phones”.  Anyone remember having one of these?

Another trend (still)…. All the Letters

Letters on everything – yes!  On letterboards (which have been popular for some time), but also on magnet boards.

And on marquee – type signs.  Obviously the options for  “self-expression” is only growing!

Also still popular… Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns

If Market is any indication, these magical creature aren’t going away anytime soon! (Not that we’re mad about it.)

Adorable mini unicorn pinatas

And these diecut placemats with holographic horns are just adorable for kids parties.

Llama Love

Everyone loves a llama, right?  Apparently so.

Cute journals with llamas coming soon to Barque.

Strawberry Fields Forever… and A Cherry on Top

Strawberries and cherries will be big this year – they were everywhere too!  Like this new Kate Spade recipe box and tumbler with strawberries.

And this adorable notepad from Rifle Paper Co. (in stock at Barque now!)

And the cherry on top?  Adorable drink holder and inflatable rafts (I just didn’t get enough pics).

Sweet, right?  There you go!  Now you know what to be looking for if you want to be the trendiest shopper this season.  Be on the lookout for some of these fun items at the store soon, and have a great week friends!







5 Trends from January Market You’ll See in 2018

When we go to Markets to buy new products, Kandice loves to spot which TRENDS are going to be popular in the coming months - it's like a game of "I Spy"...  Within the first few hours of walking a show, it's pretty obvious what "things" (patterns, icons or colors) are...

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